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Is Kydex the Material of the Future?


You can find a gun holster in just about any material, from flexible nylon to high quality leather. However, space age Kydex is quickly becoming a popular choice for many reasons. But, determining if it’s right for you will depend on your specific needs and wants in a holster.

Longevity of Leather

Specialty leather holsters are incredibly popular and one of the big reasons for this is how long that they last. It’s not uncommon for a lifetime of use to be gotten from a single leather rig. However, Kydex proves to be nearly equal in terms of durability and longevity. It’s impenetrable by the elements and isn’t affected by tough or exaggerated use. In terms of expense, this durability is much cheaper than that of high quality leather, so those with long term use on the agenda will find a Kydex holster nicely fits the bill.

Don’t be Such a Stiff

While the injection molding manufacture and tough materials mean that Kydex holsters can promote a lifetime of use, they provide zero give. Anyone familiar with Kydex holster reviews has likely been informed that they lack the flexibility, movement and molding of other materials like leather or nylon and won’t conform to body contours. This can make them uncomfortable and for some, not usable. They’re essentially stiff as a board, and they will stay that way. All day and everyday use of Kydex based units may be challenging from this standpoint.

In addition, those who are very active while carrying may find Kydex equally unforgiving. Excessive running, bending and movement may be inhibited by the tough plastic holster which can jab and poke at the worst times. However, normal activities like walking and sitting are often unimpaired with Kydex holsters.

Value over Comfort?

The basic question you may have to consider when thinking about a Kydex holster is how big of a sacrifice you are prepared to make to save some serious cash. Kydex holsters offer excellent retention, easy access to the weapon and nearly perfect durability. But, they have their drawbacks too, and it all boils down to how much you want to spend on your holster and which components of wear are most important to you.